Work Smarter
Allow clients to place orders and pay without queuing
queue-to place an order.jpg
Three QR codes cover most orders

Main products: Coffees, sandwiches, pizza

Secondary products: Patisserie, cakes, cold drinks, juice

Combo offer: Combination of the two at special price

One QR Code configures variety of food configurations

From Orders to the Barista Tablet
Minimize the queue for pickup
Orders are displayed on the Barista Tablet.
Each order has one or more items to prepare, like coffee and sandwiches.
John and Paul are working in tandem. Each one of them is preparing items in orders.
When all items in an order are ready to be served, a notification is displayed on the client’s phone.
Barista Tablet 11 images.gif
Try Barista Tablet as Paul or John. Click here