Why Spinmor?

Successful coffee shop owners will tell you that good baristas run the show. Their job is to brew the best-tasting coffee, be attentive, focus on small details and have the desire to do better.

Rather than have the baristas focus on coffee preparation, which is what they do best, in most coffee shops they are also taking customers' orders, operating cash registers and accepting payments.

Baristas should be able to manage the entire shop themselves, and let Spinmor take orders, accept payments, and notify the customers when the coffee is ready to be collected.

Customers’ orders and customers’ instructions on how they want their coffee to be served, are handwritten notes and prone to errors. When ordering with Spinmor these instructions are ticked by the user. In addition, customers can add free text if they want to provide extra details of how they want their coffee to be served.

Eliminating the manual process of taking orders and accepting payments reduces queue waiting times and customers are happier. Serving more customers per hour translates into saving valuable resources and more profitable operation.

We are living in the digital age. Customers expect the convenience of coffee ordering and Loyalty Programs in a single mobile app.    

Customize loyalty program and offer different rewards to different product’s group:

Buy 8 coffee, get one coffee free

Buy 12 patisserie, get one patisserie free

Buy 15 sandwiches, get one sandwich free

Spinmor app counts the items in basket, their corresponding loyalty program, and displays to the customer the previous and current counts, as an incentive to buy more.

When customer proceeds to payment, the number of free loyalty items are calculated, and credited from the total amount to pay.

Cloud based application with Point of Sale (POS) functionality to create orders, auto print orders, queue display monitor, and email receipts of in-shop or near shop coffee orders
Saved orders - Save time 

When orders are paid, Spinmor’s users can save their orders, with all their related instruction of how they want their food to be served, linked to the coffee shop where the order is placed.
Next time, on scanning the shop’s QR code location, or the QR code of an item on the menu, Spinmor displays the saved orders. With two clicks only, one to select a saved order and one on Quick Pay button, the order is paid and submitted to the barista.


While we are patient with baristas’ love for producing the perfect drink, to queue to place you order has no justification.

The  Customer

Major percentage of Australia’s coffee drinkers are millennials. Millennials are tech-savvy group, and increasingly demand speed and convenience from their products and service providers, and are turning to mobile apps to meet their expectations.

As coffee shop owner you should capitalize on this trend and stay ahead of the competition.