QR Code - The core technology of Spinmor App

We use QR codes to ensure that each order has accurate details of the Operator, the Location, and the Items you purchase.
QR codes speed up the time to add items to basket and pay, and eliminate the need for manual input.


What information is stored in each QR Code?

  • Operator’s personal and business details.

  • Location where QR code is scanned.

  • Location type (vacation rental, coffee shop, gym and fitness club….)

With this information we can retrieve and display to the user:

  • Incentives and rewards offered in a Location

  • Product details including image for verification.

  • When Location type = “Coffee Shop” we display to the user

    • Number of coffees already purchased at this location

    • Number of coffees required to get free coffee

    • Saved orders at this location (for immediate reordering)

  • When Location type = “Vacation rental” we display to the user

    • Date and time of last Discrepancy Report

  • For all locations. We remove uncompleted previous orders with products stored in a basket that were scanned in another location.

Give it a try.
Using another phone, scan below QR Codes and get a sense how innovative and simple to use is Spinmor App.
Step 1: Scan to start Spinmor App
Login email: Guest 
Password: Spinmor
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Step 2: Scan below QR codes and add to basket
Note: This demo is in "sandbox mode". No actual transaction takes place.
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