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Using self-service technology to reduce customer waiting times

With QR Codes gaining maximum popularity, coffee and take away shops are incorporating them to reduce customer waiting times when ordering coffee or meal. Online ordering system is very clunky and cumbersome, and placing the order takes significant amount of time and inconvenience.

Spinmor App is an in-store ordering system using QR code technology. Customers don’t need to navigate a complicated menu. Each QR code represents group of products and their associated additions and instructions on how to serve the item on order. In coffee shop, as an example, when customers scan the displayed QR code for coffee drinks, they can then select the specific drink, cappuccino, espresso, late, long black, cup size, sugar, milk, and if they want the coffee to be served to a table number or be collected at the counter.

Some selections are mandatory others are optional. In takeaway sandwich shop, as an example, selecting bread type is mandatory, so are the ingredients, which are either unlimited or limited to set number. Some bread types are more expansive, with price difference displayed on the item.

A different QR code is displayed next to self service fridge or where cakes and patisserie are on display, to allow customers scan and add more items to their order. A combo QR code offers the purchase of two items, sometime at a better price, like coffee and cake or sandwich with soft drink.

Each QR Code stores the following information:

Store details. On first scan of QR code Spinmor App identifies the store and displays previous orders the customer have purchased at that shop. Clients can select saved orders and reorder the same with one click of a button.

Product details. Image, description and price of the product and all related additions to the item, (the way you want your order to be served).

Loyalty group. Items are related to groups. Each group can offer Loyalty program in the form of “Buy x Get one Free”

Payment and order processing

Payment is done directly to the business owner’s merchant account. Clients can pay with Google and Apple Pay, credit card, and Linkly in-store payment terminal.

Orders are sent to food preparation team, displayed on any tablet with Internet connection. Customer is notified when order is ready for collection or delivered to table.

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