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Case Study Spinmor for Coffee Shops

Typical coffee shop offers variety of coffee drinks alongside cakes and patisseries. In addition, some shops also offer made to order sandwiches or display fridge for pre-packaged meals and drinks.

Ask yourself, why customers need to join the queue for ordering coffee if there is self-serve display fridge and they only wish to buy a meal with a drink?


With Spinmor App scan the QR code displayed on or next to the fridge. Select the items from the options list, select quantity and add to basket. Confirm the order and pay. Collect the meals and drinks from the fridge and walk away. No need for cashier assistance to register the order, and zero time to wait.

If large number of items are on display, then items are grouped into two or more different QR Codes, like drinks and beverages separated from meals and packaged foods. QR Code are displayed for customers to scan the drinks and beverages, which opens the option list of drinks to select and add to basket, followed by another scan of meals.

We can conclude that eliminating the need to queue in a coffee shop, for items that do not require food preparation, reduces queue waiting times. Don’t let waiting customers to leave the queue due to impatience.

The same concept applies to coffee drinks, patisseries and sandwiches. There are variety of ways to implement Spinmor at a coffee shop, and here are some ideas:

1. QR Code for coffee drinks only

When scanned the customer selects the type of coffee they wish to order, like: Long black, cappuccino, late, espresso and more

Then select how do you want your coffee to be served like: Takeaway, milk type, sugar (no. of spoons), very hot, cup size (additional price, if applicable), and free text for the most picky customers

2. QR Code for cakes and patisseries only

When scanned the customer selects patisserie, like: Croissant, Danish, cannoli, macaron, escargot

Then select how do you want your patisserie to be served like: Takeaway, with cream, lightly toasted, and free text for the most picky customers.

3. QR Code for combo (A coffee with a patisserie)

Any combination of the above.

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