How it works?

Spinmor is QR code based application. Each QR code contains product’s name, description, price, image, and the coffee shop location. Products are grouped and linked to loyalty programs and to sets of instructions (“Additions”) describing common customers’ requests of how drinks and food are served.

Espresso, cappuccino, and long black, as an example, are linked to coffee rewards offering Buy 8 coffee Get 1 Free.

Salmon sandwich, salad sandwich and tuna sandwich, are linked to sandwich reward offering Buy 12 sandwiches Get 1 Free

Common Additions to coffee drinks are Takeaway, No sugar, Soy milk. Possible Additions to sandwiches are Toasted, Salt & Pepper, and No Mayo.   

Optional addition offers a selection like: Add sugar {One sugar; Two sugar; Three sugar}, while addition type “free text”, provides the flexibility to add more detailed request like: “I want my coffee very hot. Please heat up the cup”.

Free text addition is useful to describe large variety of items under the roof of one main product. If the main product is Patisserie, and on display are variety of cakes and each has label / sign of its name / number, customers use the free text to enter the cake’s name/number of their selection.

Customising products, Additions, loyalty programs, and generating QR codes are done in Spinmor merchant dashboard (business portal).

Location QR Code, which can also be printed on business cards, is also included in the Item QR code. When user scans either one of these codes, Spinmor app retrieves saved orders at this location (coffee shop), user’s preferences and loyalty programs. Customers can scan the location code, select a saved order, pay with one click and schedule the order to be submitted to the barista, and to be collected just on time when the customer arrives the shop.

QR codes are printed next to items on menu board, or displayed on digital signage using Spinmor merchant dashboard.

Using Spinmor merchant dashboard, coffee shop owners select their preferred payment gateway, use their existing merchant number, and can offer variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and others. For each payment gateway, Spinmor saves the sandbox and live API Keys. Sandbox keys are used for testing.

Spinmor merchant dashboard offers two types of queue displays, customer queue display and barista queue display.  The barista queue is displayed on touch screen, of mobile device such laptop and tablet, connected to the Internet. Orders are displayed as they are submitted to the barista. At the touch of a button, the order status changes to ready for collection, and the new status is displayed for the customer to collect the order.



Spinmor app is free for the customer to use, and a subscription based service paid monthly by the coffee shop. No lock-in contract and no exit fees.

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