Changing the way we order coffee and food

Spinmor App

Absolutely No Queue

- Cashierless store

- Loyalty digital card: "Buy X get 1 free"

- Save order for easy reorder

- COVID safe – 100% contactless and at safe distance

- Order in-store or near-store

- Order the way you would like the food to be served

Don't miss out on revenue 

because of queue

Scan and Add2Basket Anim 75.gif

Loyalty Program 

Loyal consumers spend more on average than new ones.

Spinmor loyalty program is designed to help you grow, and keep customers coming back and spending more.
Tailor different "Buy X Get 1 Free" program for every product's group.

Loyalty B4 Payment 50 Anim.gif
Spinmor App encourages customers to scan more items before Checkout by displaying:
- The "Buy x get 1 free" of items in basket
- How many points you already have
- How many points are in your basket now
- How many more to buy, and get the free item now

Just as you would like your food to be served

Variety of instructions detailing how do you want the food to be prepared, including free text for the most picky customers.

We know how important it is for you to be served the same way each time you order. We save your detailed instructions with the order, for easy reorder on next visit

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Order is ready for pick up in less time

Spinmor App is an integrated solution with Barista Tablet. Each person preparing the food can view order details and instruction and cut the time required to make your order ready

Barista Tablet 11 images.gif
Pay quickly, easily and securely
Tapping contactless-enabled card to wireless, cloud-connected countertop terminal.
With Google Pay / Apple Pay button on the phone.
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